The One Ring: The Darkening of Mirkwood

#8 - A Taste For Killing

TA 2948

We had found Dindy Brandybuck and his caravan, preparing to hold off a goblin attack in the remains of an old fortification. We aided their defense and slew many goblins an orcs, but Dindy was captured.

We tracked him into a goblin tunnel, and foolishly, followed. After a long trek underground, we find him chained up in the goblin kitchen, miserably peeling potatoes and carrots and preparing a stew for the goblins. His chains are too stout to be broken, and the goblin leader has the key. We slay two drunken guards, and then two more goblins that come in asking how the stew is coming. The Boar-Slayer disguises himself as one of the guards and the group sneaks to the dining hall. Brand sneaks around behind the goblin leader while Boar-Slayer does a passable imitation of a goblin servant. He slops the stew onto the leader’s lap, creating a distraction while Brand filches the key from his pocket.

Then we decide to fight them anyway. Brand ganks the leader and hurls his chair into the crowd of diners. Beli kills many goblins with her mattock, and Denethor was completely on fire with his bow, dropping goblins and orcs with every shot. After a long battle, we wipe out the whole colony and loot their treasure pile. Denethor scores a nice bow of Elf make. We release Dindy and recover as much of his stuff as we can, and prepare to head back to the surface with all our goodies.


madgael madgael

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