The One Ring: The Darkening of Mirkwood

#10 - The Demon's Tower

TA 2948

Having received our quest from the talking squirrel sent by Radagast the Brown, we made some very heavy travel through some of the worst parts of Mirkwood, heading south from the East Bight. After about a week of hard travel and a long day of searching, we located the ancient armory of Denethor’s people, well hidden in the forest. Inside were racks of weapons, a small barracks, and a separate room for a one-time leader.

We all searched through the weapons, Denethor finding nothing interesting, and the Boarslayer merely replacing a long lost spear with a fine Elvish one. Brand, however, finds a strange black sword. During the fellowship phase at the end of the session, he learns that this is a First Age sword known as Anguirel.

In the private chamber, Denethor finds a chest containing a ring – a lesser ring of power (not one of the 3, 7, or 9) crafted by Elf smiths that gives him a bonus to Inspire and Awe checks and may have other abilities yet to be revealed.

At about that point, the Hill Troll that had been following us through the forest decides to come in. It was a ferocious battle, and for a few moments it looked like it could be the end of the campaign. Brand and Denethor each landed some crucial hits and The Boarslayer managed to disarm the creature, and we were finally able to destroy it after running it out of hate. However, it left Brand badly hurt (he was still recovering from a treated wound) and we had to hole up for 10 days in order to recover Endurance and fully heal.

Once healed, we went in search of Minas Raug, the Demon Tower. More hard travel, and Brand and The Boarslayer were ensorcelled by pretty dancing lights. Denethor had to survive the conversation encounter alone with Zimraphel, sorceress of the forest and student of the Necromancer. When the hundred or so orcs appeared along the battlements of the tower, we decided to run. After more tough travel, we made it back to East Bight, made our report to the talking squirrel, and had Carl Huffingtoe fix up our boots.

From there, we journeyed to Esgaroth. Brand returned to Dale, and Denethor and The Boarslayer spent the winter in the Halls of the Woodland King for our year-end fellowship phase, ending the year 2948, Third Age.


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