The One Ring: The Darkening of Mirkwood

Boar-Slayer and Denethor each spent the winter at their respective homes. Denethor crafted a song to remove Shadow and bumped his travel skill. Boar-Slayer spent XP to boost his weapon skill (Training Montage!), spent treasure to increase his status among the Woodmen, and visited the Kingstone to recover some hope.

We had arranged to meet in the spring at the Easterly Inn, run by hobbits of the Brandybuck clan if rumors were to be believed. There, we heard rumors of Dalishmen cutting down silver beeches beloved by the elves of Mirkwood in the eastern reaches of the forest, a bloody ghost haunting the Woodmen settlements, and orcs and goblins raiding the High Pass through the Misty Mountains. The Innkeeper, Doty Brandybuck, also mentioned that his brother Dindy had not yet returned from a supply run to the Shire, and he was worried about him.

We decided to take the innkeeper’s mission and traveled (successfully!) to the Old Ford and up the pass into the Misty Mountains.

Camping one night in the ruins of an old town, we were attacked by a wight. It had grabbed Brand and buried him in the deep mud near the stream. Denethor and Boar-Slayer battled him off with weapons and then blazing brands from the campfire, and Boar-Slayer eventually managed to disarm him with his bearded axe. The wight fled into the forest and we rescued Brand.

A few days later, we encountered a wounded pony running loose. A goblin arrow pierced its flank. Further up the pass, we find a caravan group set up in a defensive position inside the ring of an old fort, bonfire blazing away in the middle. Dindy Brandybuck is among the men, and they tell tales of goblin harassment and a concentrated raid the night before.

We agree to help with their defense and take up positions within the ring.


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