Ranger of Eriador


Findegil was born and raised in the shadows or Arnor by Finnegan and Ioreth, his parents. But a ranger’s life of solitude begins early. At sixteen, after Finnegan had taught Findegil what he could, the young ranger was sent off to fend for himself in the Lone Lands for a period of a year. This time of desperate survival marked him deeply. All of his resources went into fighting off starvation, injury, and the shadowy things in the wilderness. However, upon his return, Findegil was named a full fledged Dunedain and sworn to fight back against the shadow encroaching on his ancient realm.

Most recently, he was assigned to keep an eye on Fornost Erain, the seat of his ancestors, where he found the Fellowship facing agents of the Shadow that had somehow established themselves in the long-forgotten underground tunnels.



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