Irimë of the House of Gil-Galad

Noldor Elf Noble


Irimë of the House of Gil-Galad is one of the most respected courtiers of King Thranduil’s court. She is a Noldorin Elf and has lived in Middle-earth since the days of the First Age. Irimë was close kin to the rulers of the kingdom of Lindon, and it is said that she wove the cloth of Gil-Galad’s shining banner. She came east with Thranduil after the War of the Last Alliance, and has brought light to the Elvenking’s halls for many years.


In recent centuries, it is said that Irimë grows weary of the mortal world, and more and more her heart turns towards Valinor in the Uttermost West, where most of her kin now dwell. When Irimë seeks the solace of the Grey Havens, Middle-earth will be forever diminished.

Irimë of the House of Gil-Galad

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