Wulferd, The Boarslayer

Warden of the Woodmen Settlements


Wulferd grew up in Woodmen Town, and spent his youth learning the ways of the forest while his father cut wood. He received some irregular tutoring at the knee of Radagast the Brown, and was always inspired by the outlandish tales of his Uncle Many-Drinks. Prior to the Feast of the Battle of Five Armies, he spent many years as a huntsman and Warden for the Woodmen settlements.

Now that Wulferd has taken up wandering with his new companions, and seen broader horizons, his hopes and ambitions have increased as well. He received some martial training of Old Wolf-Tongue, an aged blacksmith and former Warden and warrior. He is quite smitten with Amaleoda, The Eagle of Black Tarn and hopes that one day he can gain enough wealth and status to ask her hand in marriage.

Wulferd died in 2949 near the ruins of Fornost, slain by a Great Orc.

Wulferd, The Boarslayer

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