The One Ring: The Darkening of Mirkwood

#9 - The Folkmoot at Rhosgobel
TA 2948

Last time, we were deep within a goblin hole, attempting to rescue Dinodas Brandybuck. Having slain the goblins and done some light looting, we spent several hours getting back out of the tunnel network and managed to rejoin the caravan making its way through the High Pass of the Misty Mountains.

After many more days of travel, we finally arrived back at the Easterly Inn. Dinodas and Doty were reunited, though Doty made no mention of the promised payment for rescuing him. We spent several days there resting up and did a short fellowship phase to establish the Easterly Inn as a sanctuary for our group.

With Midsummer’s day fast approaching, we decided to journey back to Rhosgobel for the Woodman Folkmoot. The evening before the moot was spent in revelry and feasting and gathering rumors. Brand got drunk with Boarslayer’s uncle Many-Drinks, who told him the history of the Lamp of Balthi, a sacred artifact of Woodmen Town. Denethor learned of strange green fires in the East Bight. Beli spoke with Bofri, son of Bofur, who was attempting to assemble a party to scout the Old Forest Road in preparation for repairing and re-opening it as a safe passage through Mirkwood. There were also rumors that King Bard was smitten with a twerking trollop named Una, back in Dale.

The folkmoot was attended by a plurality of influential woodmen. Amaleoda the Eagle of Black Tarn was there to press her case for being recognized as a new woodmen settlement, and Ceawin the Generous was there to make a similar claim for Sunstead in the East Bight. Mogdred, the terrifying ruler of Tyrant’s Hill arrived and announced himself to be the long lost son of Ingomer Axebreaker, the respected elder woodsman of Woodland Hall. He wanted similar recognition for Tyrant’s Hill, though he radiates a strongly negative vibe.

In the end, all three proposals were accepted. We made plans to travel back across the Narrows of Mirkwood, marking a trail as we went. We escorted Amaleoda and her party to Black Tarn, then carried on with Ceawin and Bofri to Sunstead. Though biting black flies plagued us, Denethor’s keen eyes allowed us to avoid the attercops.

Once in Sunstead, we started digging into the reports of the strange green fires. They had been happening along a line, spaced about ten miles apart. We scouted where we thought the next one would be and found it. Cultists(?) of some sort were burning a live stag suspended over the enormous bonfire, chanting something about serving the Lady of the Tower, the Queen of the South. But part of their chant was also about keeping the shadow at bay. Brand was all for rushing in and attacking them. Boarslayer and Denethor, though disliking the torture of the stag, wanted to talk to them first and try to understand their agenda. Beli had no opinion. But Brand was persuasive so we jumped in and attacked them. Denethor shot the stag first, to end its suffering. After a few rounds of melee, the surviving cultists threw themselves into the fire. Boarslayer was wounded in the battle.

The fellowship returned to Sunstead to explain to Ceawin and the other locals what they found. We’re still unsure whether we did a good thing or a bad thing. While Boarslayer is convalescing, he is visited by a squirrel bearing a message from Radagast the Brown. In effect, we are to seek out Minas Raug, the Tower of the South, and observe it. Also, there is an abandoned hall of the Elves of Mirkwood in that direction that may provide us resources to fight the Shadow. It is magically concealed. We resolved to do this next time.

#8 - A Taste For Killing
TA 2948

We had found Dindy Brandybuck and his caravan, preparing to hold off a goblin attack in the remains of an old fortification. We aided their defense and slew many goblins an orcs, but Dindy was captured.

We tracked him into a goblin tunnel, and foolishly, followed. After a long trek underground, we find him chained up in the goblin kitchen, miserably peeling potatoes and carrots and preparing a stew for the goblins. His chains are too stout to be broken, and the goblin leader has the key. We slay two drunken guards, and then two more goblins that come in asking how the stew is coming. The Boar-Slayer disguises himself as one of the guards and the group sneaks to the dining hall. Brand sneaks around behind the goblin leader while Boar-Slayer does a passable imitation of a goblin servant. He slops the stew onto the leader’s lap, creating a distraction while Brand filches the key from his pocket.

Then we decide to fight them anyway. Brand ganks the leader and hurls his chair into the crowd of diners. Beli kills many goblins with her mattock, and Denethor was completely on fire with his bow, dropping goblins and orcs with every shot. After a long battle, we wipe out the whole colony and loot their treasure pile. Denethor scores a nice bow of Elf make. We release Dindy and recover as much of his stuff as we can, and prepare to head back to the surface with all our goodies.

#7 - The Easterly Inn
TA 2948

Boar-Slayer and Denethor each spent the winter at their respective homes. Denethor crafted a song to remove Shadow and bumped his travel skill. Boar-Slayer spent XP to boost his weapon skill (Training Montage!), spent treasure to increase his status among the Woodmen, and visited the Kingstone to recover some hope.

We had arranged to meet in the spring at the Easterly Inn, run by hobbits of the Brandybuck clan if rumors were to be believed. There, we heard rumors of Dalishmen cutting down silver beeches beloved by the elves of Mirkwood in the eastern reaches of the forest, a bloody ghost haunting the Woodmen settlements, and orcs and goblins raiding the High Pass through the Misty Mountains. The Innkeeper, Doty Brandybuck, also mentioned that his brother Dindy had not yet returned from a supply run to the Shire, and he was worried about him.

We decided to take the innkeeper’s mission and traveled (successfully!) to the Old Ford and up the pass into the Misty Mountains.

Camping one night in the ruins of an old town, we were attacked by a wight. It had grabbed Brand and buried him in the deep mud near the stream. Denethor and Boar-Slayer battled him off with weapons and then blazing brands from the campfire, and Boar-Slayer eventually managed to disarm him with his bearded axe. The wight fled into the forest and we rescued Brand.

A few days later, we encountered a wounded pony running loose. A goblin arrow pierced its flank. Further up the pass, we find a caravan group set up in a defensive position inside the ring of an old fort, bonfire blazing away in the middle. Dindy Brandybuck is among the men, and they tell tales of goblin harassment and a concentrated raid the night before.

We agree to help with their defense and take up positions within the ring.

#6 - The Narrows of the Forest
TA 2947

Sadly, Andrew who played the effusive Carl Huffingtoe, our Hobbit mascot, moved to another city. In game, he found a cobbler to apprentice with in Sunstead in the East Bight and was able to fulfill his lifelong ambition to learn to make shoes for the Half-folk.

The rest of the group decided to return to Rhosgobel through The Narrows of Mirkwood, rather than taking the long way around the southern end of the forest. We anticipated that it would be shorter though more dangerous, and we were right. However, Denethor wanted to see the Black Tarn, so we obliged his curiosity.

During our journey, we had another run-in with six Attercops (giant spiders). We managed to defeat them, but The Boarslayer was poisoned and drastically weakened. Denethor and Brand found a sheltered glade to drag him to for rest and recovery, but The Boarslayer suffered a long fever-dream. A dead couple from old times was pointing to a glint on a hill, then we were riding a funeral boat across a black river, then we saw a cave in the hill that turned into a giant gnashing mouth. Inside the mouth was a deformed creature full of rage and anguish. The dead couple appeared again, tattered and weeping tears of blood, and pointed again at the hill. There were many rolls during this bizarre dream sequence, and at the end, The Boarslayer sang the couple a song of rest and eternal repose to put their disturbed souls to sleep.

Upon waking from the dream, The Boarslayer recognizes the dale they are in as the same landscape from his dream, though hundreds of years later. He tells Denethor and Brand about the dream and is able to point the way toward the hill. They see glyphs on the trees nearby that Denethor interprets as marks meaning “vengeance”.

As we get closer to the cave, we see tracks that are similar to troll tracks, only somewhat smaller. Also, signs of predation. We use our rope to set up a hidden trip-line between two trees. Denethor climbs a tree and readies his bow. Brand and The Boarslayer sneak up to the cave, with The Boarslayer taking up an ambush position outside, and Brand sneaking in. The troll spots him and rushes out after him. It’s a furious brawl. The troll lands a solid bite on The Boarslayer and chases Brand toward the trip-wire. Everyone manages to land some blows, and Denethor, after several missed shots, scores the critical wounding hit on the troll-creature after it trips over the wire. We finish it off with a coup de grace.

The cave contains the gnawed remnants of many people, among the troll filth. The Boarslayer recognizes parts of the raiment of the couple from his dreams among the broken bodies. We dig a mass grave and lay the people to proper rest, and The Boarslayer sings the same song over the grave that he sang in his dream. Then we loot the cave. There is a substantial amount of treasure in the cave, and Denethor finds a wondrous item – a Dwarf-made ring that gives him a bonus to Insight checks.

After another rest and several more days of travel, we make it to the Black Tarn, which turns out to be a completely wholesome lake. We gig for eels and have a light supper, then go to the new Woodman stead on its eastern shore. We tell the leader there of the Folkmoot, set for next Mid-Summers day in Rhosgobel, and finally return to Rhosgobel for another Year-End fellowship phase.

#5 - The Haunting of East Bight
TA 2947

After a year-end fellowship phase in Woodmen Town, we ran across a spider-bit man during a hunting trip. He was being pursued by Dagmar and her band of men, servants of Tyrant’s Hill. They claimed that he stole something from them and wanted us to turn him over to their justice.

We claimed that he was under our jurisdiction and we should all go to Rhosgobel so the strange woodmen could present their claim before a court in the Hall of Woodland Justice. They agreed and began to follow us, but soon tried a surprise attack. We killed three of their number including Dagmar, and the rest got away.

We found Radagast in Rhosgobel and turned the man over to his healing ministrations. He requested that we escort a messenger back to the East Bight to the settlement of Sunstead. Her name was Bronwyn the Quick.

We escorted her around the south end of Mirkwood, and for once our journey was without serious incident. In Sunstead, we kept hearing rumors and stories of a terrifying ghost haunting the settlers and stealing livestock. Denethor mapped out the locations of the rumored hauntings and found that they were all in a ring around a clump of low hills. We decided to investigate and took Bronwyn with us as a guide.

Our hike led us to hill with a tomb in it. We went in and found all kinds of shadow there – a sacrificial altar, strange markings on the walls, sarcophagi and scattered bones. In one of the rooms was a great statue of the wainrider hero entombed there. His ghost appeared to us and demanded tribute to settle his uneasy rest. He was terrifying, but as we spoke with him, there were certain clues that all was not quite kosher.

We finally decided to attack, and discovered that it was two goblins performing a complex masquerade. We found a decent treasure horde in the tomb and the goblin bodies and the hero’s armor were dragged back to Sunstead.

#4 - The Well In The Wood
TA 2946

Escorting a trader and his son through Mirkwood to Woodland Hall, we encountered a strange creature that lulled the party into sleep and caused them to have dreams motivating them to go below ground. We woke up to find Belgo, the trader’s son, racing off into the woods shouting “Mother! I’m coming, mother!” We went chasing off after him to find that he had been taken by this being – a combination of a Dark Young and a Sarlacc Pit, sort of. Though we were all weary and hurting, we fought this giant creature and managed to rescue Belgo.

The rest of the trip to Woodland Hall happened without much incident, and we spent the vast bulk of the middle of the game in the Fellowship phase – essentially spending XP through role-play. I like how this works.

In the Spring, during a hunting foray, we run across a Woodman who is sickened by spider venom. He passes us a mysterious note and collapses. His pursuers appear as we are trying to heal him, but we decide to save the unloading of the plot wagon for the beginning of next session.

#3 - Don't Leave The Path
TA 2946

We met up with Baldor and Belgo, our father and son merchants, on the shores of Long Lake to escort them with their pony-string of trade goods to Woodmen Town (?). The plan is to take the northern road west through Mirkwood, then turn south crossing through Beorning territory.

We stop and rest for a few days at the halls of the wood elves without incident, then continue along the road. After a few days of travel, we have our first incident. Baldor gets up in the night to pee and get a drink of water. He drinks from the stream and seems to forget who he is, who we are, and what he is doing there. He runs off into the woods. We spend the night searching for him, and the next day find sign that he ran into some giant spiders. We eventually find him tied up in a web at a ruined keep. Carl Huffingtoe and Denethor Lightbow climb up to try to free him when the spiders attack. The numbers in each wave keep increasing and this long bad battle took most of the evening. Carl, our hobbit, had to be freed from webbing three different times and the fight turned into a running battle away from the ever-increasing number of spiders. There was a lot of stabbing and hacking and shooting arrows during this battle, but the highlight may have been the second time Carl was snared in a web. The spider was dragging Carl closer and closer, and Carl was trying to cut his way out of the webbing with his short sword. The Boar-Slayer grabs Carl and tries to pull him away from the spider and notices that the webbing is strong and highly elastic, so he pulls Carl until the string between him and the spider is twanging taut and releases Carl like a hobbit missile straight at the spider. Carl gains a bonus to his sword attack and badly wounds the spider, which Denethor finishes off with an arrow. Brand, Son of Gorm, kills 7 or 8 spiders single-handed and we finally make it to safety with Baldor.

Several days later, a storm forces us to seek shelter. We find a home inside a hollowed-out tree. The occupant, a crazy old hermit, joins us and we have a social encounter to try to get him not to jab us with his pointy stick. He gives the Boar-Slayer a shard of Wolf-Biter, a legendary Woodman axe that was believed to be lost.

The journey keeps wearing us down. At least half of the party is weary, and several of us have 1-3 shadow points. About a week later, we come across a peaceful glade. People feel a strong urge to rest, and all have dreams about something they strongly desire below them in the rocks. Belgo goes running off, shouting “Mother! Here I come!” and we end on that cliff-hanger.

#2 - The Gathering of the Five Armies
TA 2946

We escort the prisoners of the goblins back to The Dragon Head Inn and agree to escort a tradesman and his son to Rosghobel once the festivities in Dale have completed.

Upon our arrival in Dale, we are questioned by the captain of the guard about the “goblin activity” and make a bit of a name for ourselves because of our deeds.

We each spend some time in Dale doing various things – shopping at the great market, getting our fortunes told, gambling, and so forth. That evening, Bard, Gandalf, and Bombur kick of the big fireworks display and we attend the masquerade ball, where we have various social encounters and mishaps.

The next day is a series of competitions – each of our characters participates in a few, based on their strengths. Carl Huffingtoe drinks himself sick in the drinking competition, but with true Hobbit grit, manages to win the pie-eating competition. Denethor takes second place (again) in the archery competition, but sparks a bit of a love interest with the winner. The Boarslayer and Mord acquit themselves well in the Grand Melee, but also end up in a bruised and battered second place.

After the day of games, we attend the great feast. Again, more social encounters that seem to lead nowhere.

After a few days of rest, we are ready to set off for Rosgobel.

#1 - Blood in the Waters
TA 2946

All of us travelled to Esgaroth with plans to continue to Dale for the five-year celebration of Black Arrow Day and a remembrance of the Battle of Five Armies. After participating in a short archery competition to get the feel for how to roll the dice, we took the ferry across Long Lake, planning to walk up the River Running to Dale itself.

The ferry arrived at the Dragon Inn, but we found it strangely deserted. A little investigation revealed that some sort of attack had occurred. We discovered the innkeeper floating in the water below the dock, stabbed in half a dozen places. He was still alive, though just barely. He told us that goblin raiders on wargs had attacked the Inn and captured its tenants.

We found the trail and set off in pursuit, but did abysmally on our travel checks. We stumbled into an ambush and had to fight a rearguard of goblin archers and wargs. Afterward, we scouted around and found the rest of the group avoiding daylight under a low rock overhang. Our archers took out the sentry and the rest of us attacked, wiping out the remainder of the raiding party.


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