The One Ring: The Darkening of Mirkwood

#1 - Blood in the Waters
TA 2946

All of us travelled to Esgaroth with plans to continue to Dale for the five-year celebration of Black Arrow Day and a remembrance of the Battle of Five Armies. After participating in a short archery competition to get the feel for how to roll the dice, we took the ferry across Long Lake, planning to walk up the River Running to Dale itself.

The ferry arrived at the Dragon Inn, but we found it strangely deserted. A little investigation revealed that some sort of attack had occurred. We discovered the innkeeper floating in the water below the dock, stabbed in half a dozen places. He was still alive, though just barely. He told us that goblin raiders on wargs had attacked the Inn and captured its tenants.

We found the trail and set off in pursuit, but did abysmally on our travel checks. We stumbled into an ambush and had to fight a rearguard of goblin archers and wargs. Afterward, we scouted around and found the rest of the group avoiding daylight under a low rock overhang. Our archers took out the sentry and the rest of us attacked, wiping out the remainder of the raiding party.


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