Staying over in Rivendell

Adventurers come to Rivendell to rest and find counsel, and leave their fear and anxiety behind. Who chooses to stay here learns what it means to treasure every season and every passing day, and would gladly stop here for ever and ever. Such is the enchantment of the valley of Imladris.

Effects on Shadow

For as long as they remain in Rivendell, all companions are considered to have a score of 0 Shadow points (including permanent Shadow). When they leace the house of Elrond, they soon start to again feel the burden of their sorrows, and their Shadow score reverts to normal in a few days.

Additionally, players should note that companions spending a Fellowship phase in Rivendell may choose the Heal Corruption undertaking and make up to two rolls using Craft or Song.

Endurance Recovery

Ailing heroes who rest in Imladris do not stay sick for long. A companion resting in the House of Elrond for at least one week sees his Endurance score restored to its starting level, whether he was Wounded or not.

An unusual source of injury, such as one due to sorcery or poison, might prevent this from happening.

Effects on Experience

Time seems to run at a strange pace in the valley of Imladris. Heroes who stay there forget their worries and concerns, but also risk neglecting their duties and responsibilities.

During the Adventuring phase, at the end of a session of play, if a companion spent any time in RIverdell he will only receive 1 Experience point.


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Staying over in Rivendell

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