The Great Vampire

When the world was young and the wood was green, a Great Vampire dwelt in the Mountains of Mirkwood. The mountains were a grim and frightful place even then, before the Shadow fell fully upon them. The Elves built their Refuge in the bright valleys and turned their gaze away from the foreboding hills.

The vampire – an ancient spirit in the shape of a bat – troubled the Elves, and Prince Thranduil went in hunt of the monster. He found the Vampire’s lair in a nightmarish chasm deep beneath the mountains and climbed down to battle her. The vampire’s dreadful spells bewitched the prince’s guards, and Thranduil was forced to fight alone.

Songs are still sung, more than three thousand years later, of the duel of the vampire and the Elf-prince. The two fought for a day, as the vampire stalked Thranduil through the lightless caves. In the end, Thranduil found a crack that led out into the open air, just as the dawn was breaking. The vampire wriggles through the crack after Thranduil, but was blinded by the sudden light, and the Elf took the opportunity to behead the vile creature. While the lesser spawn continue to blight Mirkwood, the defeat of the Great Vampire was a grievous blow against the Enemy.

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The Great Vampire

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