The Hall of Ghosts

The Northmen who lived in this region disappeared long ago. The only sign that they ever existed is written on the very land where they lived. How then can one of their halls still endure? Tales tell of two hunters who chased a wounded deer into Mirkwood. They got lost, and wandered cold and hungry for days until they came upon a great longhouse in a clearing.

The house was clearly in good repair, with fresh turf on the roof and smoke rising from the chimneys. One of the hunters was alarmed, for he knew that no people lived in that part of the forest, and argued that they should leave. His companions chided him and went inside. The first hunter lingered in the porch for a moment, and then he heard his friend screaming inside the longhouse, warning him to run and never look back.

Since then, other travelers have seen a hall where no building should be. The Hall of Ghosts can appear, it seems anywhere along the edge of the East Bight, and is usually encountered by those in need of shelter or safety. What lies within the Hall though, is a mystery, for no man has ever walked out alive.

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The Hall of Ghosts

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