The One Ring: The Darkening of Mirkwood

#15 - Escape From Dol Guldur

TA 2950

Having investigated Dol Guldur, we escape back across the causeway toward Fenbridge castle. Most of the way across the moat, we hear orcish alarm horns blowing and see archers lining up across the battlement. Radagast, who is with us, parts the murky waters of the moat and we leap off the causeway into the Bog of the Dead. Dead hands reach out from the muck and grasp at us, wounding Findegil.

We manage to make it to the margin of the forest and have to battle a couple of orcs on wargs, then begin a long chase through the southern reaches of Mirkwood toward Tyrant’s hill. We use fox tricks to double back and conceal our trail from pursuit and manage to gain some distance on our pursuers, but they catch up to us within sight of the southernmost settlement of the Woodmen. Brand blows the stolen orc horn to signal for help and we again find ourselves battling a foursome of orcs and wargs. Findegil is knocked down to 2 endurance, but Brand is super-effective with Anguirel. With more orcs approaching, the Mogdred’s men ride forth from Tyrant’s Hill and clash with the main body of orcs. We rest there for a few days then head north to Woodland Hall with Radagast.

Once there, we decide to look into the rumors of the Bloody Ghost that has been killing chickens and other small livestock in the Woodman settlements. We ask around and then find a likely farmer who will let us stake out his chicken coop for a few weeks at night in exchange for working for him during the day. Several nights of watching pass uneventfully, then one night when we are both asleep on watch, we hear a noise from the chicken coop.

Findegil approaches and opens the chicken house door. About half of the chickens are dead and blood is everywhere. Findegil can see nothing inside the chicken house. He calls for Brand who can barely make out a dark shape lurking near a corner. Findegil makes a blind leap to try to tackle whatever-it-is and it escapes through a hole in the side of the hen house. Findegil’s arm goes through the hole and his hand is badly bitten. Brand goes around the outside to catch whatever-it-is and can only hear muttering from whatever-it-is as it escapes into the darkness. “Cursesss, wicked humansss! Won’t even letss uss eat the nice chickensss, yess…”

Brand goes back to Dale for the winter of 2950-51 while Findegil spends his winter fellowship phase with the Woodmen in Woodland Hall.


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