The One Ring: The Darkening of Mirkwood

#2 - The Gathering of the Five Armies

TA 2946

We escort the prisoners of the goblins back to The Dragon Head Inn and agree to escort a tradesman and his son to Rosghobel once the festivities in Dale have completed.

Upon our arrival in Dale, we are questioned by the captain of the guard about the “goblin activity” and make a bit of a name for ourselves because of our deeds.

We each spend some time in Dale doing various things – shopping at the great market, getting our fortunes told, gambling, and so forth. That evening, Bard, Gandalf, and Bombur kick of the big fireworks display and we attend the masquerade ball, where we have various social encounters and mishaps.

The next day is a series of competitions – each of our characters participates in a few, based on their strengths. Carl Huffingtoe drinks himself sick in the drinking competition, but with true Hobbit grit, manages to win the pie-eating competition. Denethor takes second place (again) in the archery competition, but sparks a bit of a love interest with the winner. The Boarslayer and Mord acquit themselves well in the Grand Melee, but also end up in a bruised and battered second place.

After the day of games, we attend the great feast. Again, more social encounters that seem to lead nowhere.

After a few days of rest, we are ready to set off for Rosgobel.


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