The One Ring: The Darkening of Mirkwood

#5 - The Haunting of East Bight

TA 2947

After a year-end fellowship phase in Woodmen Town, we ran across a spider-bit man during a hunting trip. He was being pursued by Dagmar and her band of men, servants of Tyrant’s Hill. They claimed that he stole something from them and wanted us to turn him over to their justice.

We claimed that he was under our jurisdiction and we should all go to Rhosgobel so the strange woodmen could present their claim before a court in the Hall of Woodland Justice. They agreed and began to follow us, but soon tried a surprise attack. We killed three of their number including Dagmar, and the rest got away.

We found Radagast in Rhosgobel and turned the man over to his healing ministrations. He requested that we escort a messenger back to the East Bight to the settlement of Sunstead. Her name was Bronwyn the Quick.

We escorted her around the south end of Mirkwood, and for once our journey was without serious incident. In Sunstead, we kept hearing rumors and stories of a terrifying ghost haunting the settlers and stealing livestock. Denethor mapped out the locations of the rumored hauntings and found that they were all in a ring around a clump of low hills. We decided to investigate and took Bronwyn with us as a guide.

Our hike led us to hill with a tomb in it. We went in and found all kinds of shadow there – a sacrificial altar, strange markings on the walls, sarcophagi and scattered bones. In one of the rooms was a great statue of the wainrider hero entombed there. His ghost appeared to us and demanded tribute to settle his uneasy rest. He was terrifying, but as we spoke with him, there were certain clues that all was not quite kosher.

We finally decided to attack, and discovered that it was two goblins performing a complex masquerade. We found a decent treasure horde in the tomb and the goblin bodies and the hero’s armor were dragged back to Sunstead.


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