The One Ring: The Darkening of Mirkwood

#4 - The Well In The Wood

TA 2946

Escorting a trader and his son through Mirkwood to Woodland Hall, we encountered a strange creature that lulled the party into sleep and caused them to have dreams motivating them to go below ground. We woke up to find Belgo, the trader’s son, racing off into the woods shouting “Mother! I’m coming, mother!” We went chasing off after him to find that he had been taken by this being – a combination of a Dark Young and a Sarlacc Pit, sort of. Though we were all weary and hurting, we fought this giant creature and managed to rescue Belgo.

The rest of the trip to Woodland Hall happened without much incident, and we spent the vast bulk of the middle of the game in the Fellowship phase – essentially spending XP through role-play. I like how this works.

In the Spring, during a hunting foray, we run across a Woodman who is sickened by spider venom. He passes us a mysterious note and collapses. His pursuers appear as we are trying to heal him, but we decide to save the unloading of the plot wagon for the beginning of next session.


madgael madgael

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