The One Ring: The Darkening of Mirkwood

#13 - The Last Stand of the Green Company

TA 2949

So we had just found a huge treasure hoard beneath the ruins of Fornost. Too much to easily carry. We were discussing our plans to go back to Bree and hire wagons and horses to haul it out when the Wights attacked. Both Brand and The Boarslayer fell, but Denethor was able to finish off the last Wight. We spent a day resting and healing in the creepy subterranean chamber, re-hid the treasure, and found our way out. The exit led us through a cave mouth, but we could hear the sounds of pursuit coming from behind us. We made it out of the cave into an ancient battlefield littered with bones, the orcs and men hot on our heels.

When we turned to face them, the ghostly host of the Green Company – Hobbit archers from the Shire that fought in the battle of Fornost a thousand years ago – appeared. The launched volleys of ghostly arrows at our enemies as we fought them. Brand was wounded and the Boarslayer fell, wounded a second time and reduced to zero endurance. The healing ministrations of Denethor and Brand were not enough. The GM even introduced a ranger that had been shadowing us, who joined after the battle to try to heal the Boarslayer, but Wulferd perished from his wounds.

He was buried beneath a great tree, and Denethor gave a beautiful eulogy. Findegal, the ranger, decided to help them report the orcish presence and help round up a band of warriors to drive them out in vengeance for Wulferd’s death.

The fellowship went to Bree and then on to Rivendell to ask Elrond for a company of elves. Bilbo and Lindir were there as well, and they showed Bilbo the proof of the existence of the Green Company. Elrond provided a band of five elves at a cost of half of the treasure in the hoard, and they hired five sturdy Bree men for a smaller cut of the treasure. The battle back at the mouth of the cave was fierce, but the forces of light prevailed against shadow. Brand and Findegal defeated the Great Orc that had killed Wulferd, and Denethor shot the last of the evil human enchanters that were allied with the orcs.

Treasure in hand, the company headed back to Rivendell for a year-end fellowship phase.


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